Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Honey Salvadori

Met an interesting photographer today

She shares most photographers view that stock photography is no longer the cash cow it once was, although she does still publish to

Auctioning art

How to transform from an artist selling postcards at the local craft market to one who sells art for thousands is the question on most artists minds.

Assuming that an artist has merit and such prerequisites the rest is surely branding and marketing. The more sought after an artist becomes the more value the art has. Price is after all what the purchaser is willing to pay.

To this end we are going to be using auction houses to sell some of our art. The disadvantages are obvious, no personal touch, crippling commission charges amongst the many. The more subtle advantages are that the name of the artist then starts to become 'tracked' through the various and so important art databases. Hopefully this adds to the snowball of publicity.