Thursday, 24 July 2008

Skopje Zoo 2008

Back to the lovely Skopje Zoo, lots of changes, sadly not all good for me. Improved fencing is helping to keep the beavers out of their favourite lake with all the wild beaver having been rounded up. The new enclosure building programme is moving on with lots of new pens springin g up, which means close access to animals is just going to get harder as well as preventing them from going on their daily walks. There are still I'm happy to say lots of various herbivores escaping for short strolls around the zoos paths, long may it continue. The baby wolf is now too large to fit through the cage bars so he/she is now confined along with the adults.

The highlight of my all too brief visit, I asked if I might 'jump into' the beaver enclosure to take some better shots. In true 'can do Macedonian style' they said why not and in I jumped. Looking a bit closer at those teeth I'm not sure who was the more nervous out of us.