Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Skopje Zoo 2007

I would recommend that anyone who gets the chance go and visit Skopje Zoo. Unlike a lot of more modern zoos Skopje Zoo has been trapped in a previous era with an obvious lack of modernisation. A design that would have once been considered acceptable and normal throughout the world is now considered to be tortuous and cramped. Bad news for the animals is good news for me. You can quite literally touch most of the animals, including the apes, lynx, bears and if you want to loose a finger, the tigers too.

There are some uniquely strange elements as well. Certain animals can and do escape. Various herbivores simply jump over or under their fences and go parading around. A baby wolf simply squeezed through it's bars and did likewise. It's quite a sight to see a baby wolf trotting across your path.