Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Models have regrets too

I have a very simple opinion on what levels and limits models should be prepared to work to. As long as they are above legal age then they should do whatever they are ‘truly’ comfortable with. I add in the caveat as so many models appear to allow themselves to be talked into work that they are not happy doing.

I love seeing the transformation in models as they gain confidence in themselves through their work and as they mature in the profession, I find it is very positive for them and in such it cheers me as well. Only so many seem at some point to allow themselves to enter scenarios that they are unhappy with, later to find out just how long images remain in circulation and just how small the world can be.

Of course there is no simple answer, I only wish there were, and I sometimes feel that the rise of the Internet and the digital age has made the world smaller and the problem only greater.